Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tonight, David Sirota book signing in New Haven

UPDATE: David Sirota and Ned Lamont were a good double-feature tonight at Atticus Books.

Video will be available sometime tomorrow; I gotta be on the road at 7AM, so no late night editing tonight!

On an amusing note, Ned referred to me as a lefty blogger. I guess that's because the nation has swung so ridiculously far to the right in recent years, it makes a fairly moderate guy like myself APPEAR to BE a lefty!

You don't have to be a lefty to hate what Senator Lieberman has encouraged President Bush to get away with.

I can only imagine what Lieberman's reaction would be if Dubya was guilty of sneaking an illicit blowjob, rather than hijacking the Constitution and starting an illegal war that caused over 2,500 brave Americans to miss their next birthday.

That, for some reason, is perfectly fine for Joe "War is Hell" Lieberman, Chickenhawk Jr.

Boy, did anyone see his speech tonight? I watched it while transferring the video footage to my computer. Nothing like a good ol' fashioned "Stay the Course" philosophy to ensure the tragedy in Iraq to continue indefinitely.

David Sirota will be appearing at Atticus Books shortly to promote his book, and Ned Lamont will be in attendance. I'll be videotaping the event for the blog, so check back later tonight and hopefully I'll have something up.

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