Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kerri Rowland announces candidacy for mayor

(Kerri Rowland with Sen. Gayle Slossberg)

Milford Democratic Alderman from the 4th district Kerri Rowland announced her intention to become the next mayor of our small shoreline city.

Kerri spoke to a crowd of well over 100 people, which is significant when you realize it was only 6PM on a fine May evening. Representatives from local media including Cablevision 12 was on hand to cover the event, along with yours truly, of course; video will be online tomorrow (Friday).

Milford Democratic Chairman Rich Smith introduced the various dignitaries on hand for the announcement, including State Senator Gayle Slossberg, State Rep. Richard Roy, and Milford's venerable Town Clerk and former Mayor Alan Jepson.

Kerri took to the steps of City Hall and spoke about being born and raised in Milford and her love for the city. She briefly touched upon the issues that face Milford, such as the tax revaluation and the condition of our schools' infrastructure. Then she described her optimism for the future and her committment to making Milford a better place.

Visit Kerri's website ( for news and to find out how you can help. And check back tomorrow for video of the event!

UPDATE: Here's the video!


Maura said...

What a great post!!! I can't wait to meet Kerri. She comes with recommendations from two of my favorite Nutmeggers. :-)

What an impressive turnout for a weeknight in such beautiful weather.

Kate said...

It really was great...and I am excited about this new venture.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed the credentials on her website to three high level executives at the Bic Corporation. All three said that with the work history she listed Kerri would only qualify for a position managing a small department at best.

Considering she is going to be in charge of a 80-100 Million Dollar budget, without saying so they raised their brows and implied they were happy to be leaving town.