Friday, August 08, 2014

8 years ago today

Time sure do fly!

Eight years ago today Democrat Ned Lamont shocked the world by beating Neocon Joe "Bush Kiss" Lieberman in the primary for the party nomination for Senator in Connecticut.

Wow, it's been THAT long?

So, to commemorate the occasion, here's the British version of "Blog Wars", the documentary that featured a rag-tag collection of shady characters and ne'er-do-wells...otherwise known as "bloggers"!

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane and watch this, courtesy of the director James Rogan. Watching it today, it seems like that was a time when the social aspect of the internet was being formed, and soon MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter took over the internet. But for a brief, shining moment, the blogs were the center of the universe.

And it was fun as hell being a part of it!

Blog Wars from James Rogan on Vimeo.

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