Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump is a short-crowded vulgarian

Sean Spicer's (Trump's press secretary) first White House briefing today consisted mostly of an angry rant about how media reported the size of the inauguration crowd. On his very worst day, Nixon's press secretary Ron Ziegler never sounded that crazy! And this was just about the number of people who showed up.

Spicer could have said the rain kept many people home, or that too many people couldn't get out of work, or that the parking situation in DC was especially dismal, but he railed like a lunatic about how the press was outright lying about the crowd! It's almost as if Trump was beside himself with fury, so he made his hired mouthpiece go out and put those renegade reporters back in their place!

Trump, like many bullies, is hyper-sensitive to anything remotely sounding like an insult. Nothing I can think of has bothered Donald Trump more than being referred to as a "short-fingered vulgarian" many years ago in the long defunct Spy Magazine.

You HAVE to read this hilarious Vanity Fair article.

I guess Donald Trump is acutely sensitive to ANYTHING related to him being referred to as "small".

Today millions showed up around the world to march for woman's rights. Trump may actually help bring us together in ways we'd never anticipated.

I only hope there's a workable nation left when he's removed from office!

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