Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lowes caves to anti-freedom-of-religion wackos

I was wondering about that word. "wackos". I tend to want to spell it "whackos", but I've seen it written the former way a lot, so I'll yield to conventional wisdom in this case. Although personally, I still prefer "whackos". Oh well...

Now that we got that out of the way, here's a video of Chris Murphy (CT-05), speaking to Congress about the cowardly decision by Lowes to pull all their advertising from a new reality show/documentary about Muslim families in America.

Congressman Murphy reminds us that the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion is sacred to our nation, and the vocal hysterics of a tiny minority shouldn't affect that. Lowes displayed a lack of courage in their decision to pull the ads. I hope enough Americans agree with that and give their business to Home Depot, or better yet, their independent hometown hardware store. I still mourn the loss of Harrison's Hardware in downtown Milford several years ago...there was something comforting about walking down the aisles and hearing the old wooden floorboards creaking. You don't get that experience in the giant big-box stores.


JTHM said...

Meh, you mean like the way Tim Tebow is being treated by the oh so tolerant left? I had no idea there was something called "Seperation of Church and NFL" did you? I guess there is though.
One would think anti-muslim sentiment would lead to more crimes based on Islamic Americans. Nope it's not, but antisemitism sure is. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/11/04/anti-defamation-league-anti-semitism-on-the-rise-in-america/
Those damn Joooose are the cause of the worlds woes, always have been, right Bob.
It's a free market, they can choose. Look what happened to Beck, highest rated time slot and Fox ditched him because of the same thing. Just something you have to deal with...both ways kiddo, both ways.

Anonymous said...

The crazy minority is always the loudest. Still, corporations are not mom and pop stores. They are not members of a community. They are not people, despite what Mitt says or the status given to them by the Supreme Court. Corporations are things that exist for no purpose other than to grow and make piles of money. I don't think it's reasonable to believe that the notion of right and wrong ever enters into any decision made by a corporation.

Still, I'll be going to HD after this, for sure. In modern America, it seems the only real way we can show what we believe in is in the way we spend our money.

lakezoarian said...

Once again Murphy does the right thing! Nice to hear a little bit of good news regarding the activities of a Connecticut career politician for a change.

As for the decision-makers a Lowe's, and those who agree with them, let's not forget that we've ALL been conditioned to hate (or at least fear). All our little "media-consuming" lives we have. The below linked 1-hour film will really surprise you, if you haven't seen it already-


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

What a pack of Nouveau Tolerants you liberals have become.

Murphy has NEVER done the right thing in his life.
He's simply a political whore looking for a quick buzz.

For starters - how many Muslims do any of you even know?

How are the names "Ahmed" & "Mohammad" linked?
Don't know?
Then don't play the
I'm more tolerant than you are

Not only do I know a boatload of them, I can tell the difference between a Sikh, Muslim, and a Hindu and am the `top line signer' on a application to join the oldest fraternity for a fellow named "Hassen" who gets hassled so often that he carries his US Passport virtually all the time.

Lowes can't win and probably should never have agreed to sponsor the show in the 1st place.

Should they return to the show a pack of rabid pseudo-Christians (No one I go to church with, that's for sure!) will attack them; and if they don't, you liberals will.

Is Home Depot picking up the slack the way WalMart has for the Salvation Army since Target banned their Bell Ringers?
Then why not protest Home Depot?

Odd - I don't recall seeing Murphy in Litchfield when the Synagogue was being blocked by the Historical Commission.

"...the Star of David may not comply with the District..."
Commission Chair Wendy Kuhne

Seeing as the then Chair of the Commission had his bumper sticker on the back of her Prius (what else?) it's understandable that he felt it best to stay away.