Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Superish Tuesday

I call it that because there's nothing really "super" gonna be happening today.

About a third of the 1,144 delegates required to win the Republican nomination are at stake today. Romney currently leads in the race with 180 delegates to Santorum's 90, Gingrich's 29, and Paul's 23.

There are still roughly 1,962 delegates at stake, which means theoretically this is still anyone's race. But the reality is that Romney's main rivals have a very slim chance to win today, due to being left off the ballot in Virginia, and Santorum's failure to qualify in many Ohio Congressional districts.

After today Romney will stretch his lead, and the money will start getting more and more difficult for the other candidates to find.

So, far from being an exciting or even marginally interesting Super Tuesday, today will more likely end up being "Ho-hum Tuesday".

IN OTHER NEWS, today Gov. Malloy filed a civil protection order against a frequent senate/congressional/gubernatorial candidate who has filed a lawsuit against him for slander. I won't name the candidate in question because I'm told she is somewhat inclined to file lawsuits at the drop of a hat. Currently another popular blog in Connecticut is the target of a suit for alleged slander (which I would never do under any circumstances) and for "refusal to identify her as a candidate" (which I clearly did do near the top of this paragraph).

So I think I'm safe here...


(please don't sue me.)


oldswede said...

Grinch should do well in Georgia because he is the only one who speaks fluent cracker. But this is his last stand, I hope.
What little he added in interest to the race has been hugely overshadowed by the Rush rash.
We don't need two bloated egos on the scene.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, they're calling Georgia for Newt. At least he can withdraw from the race knowing he had his home state in his pocket.

Rush's arrogance and misogyny puts him in a class of his own. I'm sure his GOP overlords will punish him for taking the spotlight off of the candidates just as they were gearing up for Super Tuesday.

oldswede said...

Not just for stealing the spotlight, but also for blowing up the GOP fiction that Issa's hearings were about 'religious freedom.'
Rush made it clear that this was all about sex.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see Bob that you too have joined the ranks of GOP pundits who marginalize Ron Paul. First by not posting his image with the others, then by excluding mention that he was in fact on the Virginia ballot, and lastly by reporting erroneous delegate allocations. The beauty contests have been for the most part only straw polls, and delegate allocations will be made in the coming months. I know personally that the passionate Ron Paul supporters are those well aware of the rules, and stay behind to volunteer as delegates even in those precincts where others may have taken the popular vote. If these delegates become committed is at the discretion of those precincts, and the rules vary from state to state. Fact is we may very well have a brokered convention.

oldswede said...

I am eagerly looking forward to the Paulines doing just this. It will only help the country by making the GOP even more screwed up and unpalatable to the citizens than it already is.
What is the plan for 2016? Will you all be supporting that half-baked corn flake, Rand? Or will you have grown up?

lakezoarian said...

I've seen the term Paultards before but not Paulines. What if we could rewind the clock a few decades and he start as a Democrat instead. I doubt people would be saying the same things about him now, even if HE did nothing else different. I wish Bob hadn't vanished him, too.

Click on name to see an old vid from the Occupation. First they empty their sidearms into a car from about 20 feet, and then drive over it repeatedly with battle tank. Check out what one guy says at 1:12 WTF!

oldswede said...

The term Pauline is used in theological discussions to refer to the writing of Paul, i.e., the Pauline Gospel.
I'm confused a little by your second sentence. Are you saying RonPaul could have started as a Democrat and still become what he is now? Or do you mean Rush?

CT Bob said...

"I'm sorry to see Bob that you too have joined the ranks of GOP pundits who marginalize Ron Paul."

Well, that's exactly what happens to marginal candidates. They get marginalized. Happens all the time. I'm not necessarily saying that's a good thing, but that's the way it is.

lakezoarian said...

OldSwede- I don't tell people that you're in Sweden... But as long as you've gotten nosy, click on my name for a more detailed description of our little corner of Connecticut. Also, I was talking about Dr. Paul. Like if he had started out as "one of us (D)".

Bob- can you deny that there's been a concerted push to marginalize Paul all along? IMHO the status-quo is destroying us, and all the others are a part of that machine. I don't have to love him to see that he offers us a way out.