Sunday, November 15, 2015

Freedom fries


Here's another new horror we have to process.

ISIS terrorists attacking hundreds of innocent civilians.

For absolutely no good reason.

I don't want to seem anti-religion, but for fuck's sake, John Lennon really DID get it right.

"Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try.
Nothing to kill or die for. Above us only sky.
Imagine all the people, Living for today..."

There would still be problems in the world, no doubt. But I'm convinced that it would eliminate SO many of the excuses people use to hate each other.

The problem of terrorism isn't going away soon. And as the terrorists become more clever, the ways they'll hurt us will become more and more complex. And horrific.

I don't KNOW the answer to this problem.

There IS no simple answer.

We are now involved in a period of history that will be known as "Endless War Era". Because since 2001, there has been a state of non-stop war. There are teenagers in high school who have NEVER known a world where we weren't at war.

Much like the Cold War always hung over the heads of people my age (I remember "duck and cover" nuclear attack drills in school) there is now a generation of Americans growing up that have terrorism hanging over their heads on a daily basis.

Paris, we share your grief.

Well, maybe not so much among the G.W. Bush supporters in Congress who started calling french fries "freedom fries" in the Capitol cafeteria because the French government had the intelligence and foresight to NOT become involved in Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Oh sure, you guys really loved slamming France for that one!

I bet those very same people are publicly bloviating about the terrible attacks today. I'd like to think they've grown as people and learned to accept differing opinions, but more than likely they're just delighted that they'll likely have to chance to vote for escalating American involvement in the Middle East.

Freedom fries.

I've never been more embarrassed by the actions of our elected officials than at that moment.

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