Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so it begins...

The first layoff notices went out today to over 300 state workers, as Gov. Malloy works to balance the budget after the state unions voted against a concession package that would have guaranteed them absolutely NO layoffs for the next four years.

Here's a detail from the press release:
Grand Total - 328

Recap by bargaining unit:

Managerial 9
Service/Maintenance 10
Administrative Clerical 16
Correctional Officers 191
Protective Services 2
Health Nonprofessional 33
Health Professional 36
Education B 9
Engineering, Scientific, Technical 8
Admin and Residual 1
Correctional Supervisor 13

Total 328


1.) Does not include layoffs or separations prior to June 1, 2011.
2.) Noticed employees may have legal and contractual rights such as bumping rights or may choose to retire in lieu of layoff.
3.) Position counts are unduplicated.
4.) Does not include Legislative or Judicial branches or constituent units of higher education.
Expect to see many more layoff notices in the immediately future.

And can somebody tell Google to fix it so I can upload .pdf files to Blogger? Jeez, what year is this? Screw Google+, just do this for me and I'll be happy as a clam.


Anonymous said...

Like we've said from the beginning, there will be no lay-offs.
The rules are going to be changed and new votes will be taken and the game will be over. That's what Liberals do, move the goal posts in order to get the desired result.

CT Bob said...

Say what???

Are you even paying attention?!?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how the rules will be changed anyday now. Like I said, no lay-offs. Malloy played his cards, the UNions would never allow their collective ASSes be violated, that would be SO anti-communist/national-Socialist/Liberal Democrat.

I wonder, what nice Wine would go good with "Crow"?
A Riesling? Naw, perhaps something along the Traminer family. Hell a Pinot Noir would work.
Enjoy your feast Bob.