Sunday, July 10, 2011


Some pics from our vacation!

Joyce kayaking by Salt City Island in Northport Bay, Long Island.

An awesome sunset featuring our friends' Tim and Lori's boat "Ebb Tide" in Port Jefferson.

The sunset tinted everything reddish, including me.

Joyce relaxing the way she enjoys the most: reading a book and drinking a glass of wine (hidden by the chair).

It was Joyce's birthday last Saturday, and our friends gave her a special treat! We never got around to opening it yet, but you know I'll have to try one.


oldswede said...

Nice photos.
We just got back from our summer vacation in Boothbay for yet another year. We made our annual brunch stop at the exceptionally pleasant Bridge restaurant. The inn we stay at includes a nice breakfast that's available fairly late, so going out instead is above and beyond. You can be proud of your sister and niece.
Thanks for the original tip.

CT Bob said...

Thanks. I'm glad you liked the Bridge Restaurant. Did you mention you know me to them?

I'd like to get up to Boothbay this year, maybe while the weather is still nice enough to go kayaking.

Anonymous said...

Nice, the wife and I just bought 2 Wilderness System 14's Tusnamis in Wickford RI, plus all accessories. Even better, a whopping TAX FREE bill which saved us about $300.00 which another 1/4 we spent on Dinner and drinks. We found some awesome paddling spots from the marina to Narragansett. Going back on Friday to pick up some more TAX FREE paddling items and then hitting the surf! Love being a border dweller.