Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Kingdom

Yes, we now have bobcats in Milford! This photo was taken in a backyard about 2 miles from my house. More in the Milford Mirror.

What's next? Bears? Wolves? Angry Birds? Ill-tempered Mooses?

Sheesh! I'd head for the hills, but it looked like the hills have already headed here!

But wait!!!

There IS a solution coming this way...


Well, I feel safer already!


Anonymous said...


Marshlands Milford or North woodsy Milford?


Anonymous said...

Clicked the link. North Milford.


CT Bob said...

Yeah, woodsy North Milford. I used to play golf a short walk from there.

That was before some corporation bought out the land and converted my $6 a round 9-hole hacker's course into a multi-million dollar luxury golf complex that now costs about $100 a round.

Needless to say, I've yet to play there. I miss ol' Millstone.

Anonymous said...

And the mountain lion killed up on the parkway was indeed wild. DEP claimed it was an escaped pet.