Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire to Texas

Tonight I'm blogging from the Lone Star state, where I'll watch the results trickle in from the New Hampshire Primary.

What a difference four years makes! In 2008 I was standing outside a restaurant in the cold and snow, waiting for Dennis Kucinich to make his speech after the results came in. I remember Hilary Clinton won that night, along with John McCain.

Cut to four years later, and this what they served me for breakfast!

Can you say "culture shock"?

I'm down here for three weeks of training for my new job. Maybe I'll post something later, but I'm so tired right now I may go right to sleep!

UPDATE: Well, that was fast.

Mitt won handily, as I safely predicted. However, I was badly mistaken thinking that Rick Santorum's special kind of crazy could play well in New Hampshire. Ron Paul had a very good 2nd place showing, which will propel him into South Carolina as a candidate with momentum.

Which could make it a very interesting contest from this point on!


lakezoarian said...

Thank you for mentioning Dr. Paul. :-)

I'll bet that yellow dinner plate is about as big as the steering wheel of a bus...

And, that's a really great photo of the Kucinichs.

Lastly, quit teasing your fans; tell us what great adventures you're training for now.

Windbag said...


Where are you in Texas? I might have a clue or two for eats.

Paul said...

A few years ago, I was in DFW ordering lunch. I asked if I might substitute something like steamed vegetables for the normal side of fatified carbs. Without looking up or missing a beat the waitress reminded me..."Honey, you're in Dallas".

CT Bob said...

Paul, yeah, I mentioned I would like a salad for lunch, and they all looked at me like I was crazy.

Or a Liberal.

Or a crazy Liberal!

I'm on the northern outskirts of Austin. Just outside the Austin City Limits, so to speak.

LZ, I managed to get a good tech job finally. I'll be maintaining ATMs at banks. Hopefully it will be a career, because I really need one!

lakezoarian said...

ATM job sounds really nice. Awesome!

CT Bob said...

Thanks. It's technical and challenging, which is exactly what I've been looking for!