Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Silly Season begins today!

For veteran politics junkies such as myself, the beginning of the 2012 primary season is a true winter blessing! Because I know that even though the NY Giants season will have to end eventually, we'll still have the Republican battle for the nomination to keep us entertained until long after my boat goes back in the water.

(But damn, wasn't that a great finish by the Giants, knocking the Cowboys out of the playoffs and earning a home playoff game next Sunday? Go G'ints!)

Anyways, today is the Iowa Caucus. I've long predicted that Mitt Romney will win it walking away, but the battle for second and third could be interesting. Santorum, Gingrich and perpetual wallflower Ron Paul will fight it out to stay alive in the race. Anyone who doesn't score at least a strong third-place finish will likely drop out soon after.

Because it's next to impossible to keep your staff fired up and your army of volunteers knocking on doors when you've finished (as Joe Lieberman put it so perfectly in New Hampshire in 2004) "...in a three-way tie for third place!"

So tonight I'll be enjoying the televised spectacle and commenting both here and on Twitter @ConnecticutBob.

And of course, you can keep up to date on all the primaries and caucuses on my 2012 Primary Calendar. Next up on Tuesday Jan. 10th is the New Hampshire Primary! I'll probably post some recollections from 2008 when I was up in Manchester for the event.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I can understand political excitement in 2008. And, notwithstanding my immense disappointment with BHO, I can see my self excited again, come November. But watching this twisted sport called the Republican Primary? Are you kidding? I'd watch I luv lucy. Like Barney Franks said: "Democrats are not perfect, but the other guys are clowns!"

On the other note (I don't Twitter): I just got over my head cold. (Some called it a hangover!) And I just had my first shower of the year, and I am here to tell you it gets better! Tell wife she should be glad you didn't share it with her!

CT Bob said...

I like the primaries for the sheer awful sport of it! It's like watching the intellectual equivalent of "Jersey Shore" but with less side-boob!

CT Joyce never gets sick, which is a very annoying attribute if you ask me, because it inevitably reduces her empathy for us mortals who DO need to get sick once in a while. However, I will be showering at some point today, as I have to emerge from my sickbed and go out in the real world.

I'll be sure to Tweet about it.