Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lieberman speaks about VP pick

UPDATE: Frontpaged on FireDogLake! I like Jane's headline much better than mine.

Poor Joe. He looks so very sad about not being McCain's VP choice. It must hurt to be passed over twice in two years; first by Connecticut Democrats in 2006, and now by his best friend in the world.

I'll be watching his speech tonight. It'll probably be a plea to get himself appointed SecDef or State. That's my guess, anyway.


oldswede said...

I think he's going to announce his support for Bob Barr. He'll see himself as Samson, taking down the whole edifice.

CT Bob said...

Is there still time for him to slither onto the Independent ticket as Barr's Veep?

Bob Symmes said...

He's sliterin' for SecDef, for sure...he knows he's dead meat (unless the spineless Democratic Senate needs him for a cloture-proof majority; and even then, I don't think they'll trust him)

Plus Aunt Jodi gets a REAL thug (um, I mean, Republican) in to stick it further to us.

Bob Symmes said...

TYPO ERROR - Instead of "sliterin'", I meant to type "sluttin'".

Anonymous said...

It's the final seconds of Holy Joe's 15 minutes. It's sad, I would have liked to see the campaign of McCain-Lieberman: Grumpy Old Men!

CT Bob said...

We can only hope that Palin gets "Eagleton'd".

If that happens, we'll almost certainly have Joe to kick around some more.

Bob Symmes said...

Right now, we have "Three grumpy old men (Bush, McCain, Lieberman) & a baby (Palin)".

If it wasn't such a tragedy, It'd be a comedy.