Monday, September 08, 2008

You're NOT my friend

OK, so this post isn't very deep or insightful, but it's something that's been nagging my mind for a while. I think it's finally time to get this off my chest:

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty goddamned sick of hearing John Sidney repeatedly use the phony endearment "my friends..." to begin every other sentence when he speaks.

How about dropping that crap and just talk, you know, like a real person?


Anonymous said...

Yeah maybe not your friend, but a good chance he will be your president. Now we know the source for the lies and smears against Sarah Palin. Newsweek thats right Newsweek has an article online today exposing the lies about the AIP, special needs ed budget (the lie was she cut it 62% the truth she tripled the budget) along with the lie about book banning the lie about the librarian being fired etc. And now thanks to Newsweek not limbaugh etc. the average american will now get the truth. Also the average american will know more about the nutroots! Keep up the good work guys and girls the more americans see the leftist blogs handiwork the better the chance that your friend John Sidney will be YOUR president. Are you sure you guys in the nutroots are not paid rnc opertives? Wow! even the liberal press has turned against you as they won't just wink and nod at the slime you guys throw out.

oldswede said...

I assume that you are just obeying orders and passing along today's wingo fantasy talking points. You clearly have not read any of the articles that you claim to be citing.
There is nothing there to support your braying and howling. Go back under your bridge and learn to do your homework. And stop being such a chicken-hearted wuss and use a consistent screen name.

CT Bob said...

Look Oldswede, the Repugs are getting desperate. They know their lame choices for P and VP are mostly empty suits. McCain has betrayed every deeply held belief in order to become the nominee, and Palin is a fanatical religious gun-nut who appeals to the ultra-conservative base. She ain't gonna change the minds of any moderates, that's for sure!

So they're resorting to anonymous posts on blogs to repeat their lame-o talking points and easily-dismissed denials. There's enough awful TRUTHS about Sarah Palin that the Democrats don't NEED to lie. I can't WAIT until she finally is forced to talk to the press and everyone will see her for the lightweight conservative dingbat she really is!

oldswede said...

I know this, Bob, but calling Newsweek the liberal press is really unhinged. It's a very scary sociopathic delusion. :)

CT Bob said...

True; they deal with delusions on a daily basis. How else can they support McCain/Palin without cracking up?