Tuesday, April 25, 2006

John DeStefano speaks at the Monroe DTC

So did Ned Lamont.

Silly me, I thought when the Events Schedule at NedLamont.Com said 8:30PM, I'd be there in plenty of time if I arrived a couple minutes after eight. I almost expected that I'd be walking into an empty room, and brought something to read as I waited for everyone to show up.

No dice! I arrived just in time to see Ned finishing the Q&A portion of his talk, and he exited as I was setting up my gear. CTBlogger told me that you have to assume whatever time they tell you, Ned will usually be early. Nice to know that now! Hey, I'm learning...

But after Lamont, candidate for Governor and present New Haven Mayor John DeStefano spoke. This guy knows how to work a room. He spoke at length about the many issues facing Connecticut, and the importance of having a viable alternative to Governor Rell. He's a gifted public speaker, and he kept the small crowd's attention the entire time. Altogether, he talked for nearly an hour.

After the Q&A, we asked the mayor if he'd like to answer some questions for us. He graciously agreed, so we hurridly setup my camera, with the handheld mic and new LCD video light I just purchased, and CTBlogger lept into the interviewers role and asked the question while I taped. He did a great job and we got about three minutes of Mayor DeStefano discussing several issues important in the campaign.

I'm currently working with CTBlogger to get the video of our interview posted. As soon as it's online, I'll post a link here.

And hopefully soon, I'll be able to post them myself to make things simpler.

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