Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sign of the times

I've been sanding and cleaning my boat all day, and I'm exhausted. So don't expect anything really elaborate tonight...

But I do want to give a tip of the hat to "My Left Nutmeg" because on last Thursday's Ned Lamont interview on Air America radio's The Majority Report, that name caused Janeane Garafolo to completely lose it. She laughed loudly enough to drown out the other blogs listed afterwards (fortunately, "Connecticut Bob" got squeezed in just before MLN).

So, in honor of "My Left Nutmeg's" continued excellence, I've Photoshopped a little change to their main page graphic. An homage, if you will.

Because, come November, we're all hoping that we'll be living in "ConNEDticut".

UPDATE: Spazeboy took my suggestion and ran with it. In fact, he did a better job at it than me. Brat. Take a look at his ConNEDticut signs below.


spazeboy said...

Bob, I liked your idea, but I thought using some road-sign fonts would create a better effect, so here are two variations of your theme that I made. Spread 'em 'round.

one variation
another variation

Consider it a bribe of sorts, to keep that blooper reel on the cutting room floor.

CT Bob said...

Nice job! Yeah, that road-side font looks great.

And I've got you saying "I'm a little nervous about this," around 15 times on tape. I'm thinking of a video montage, hee-hee!

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