Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alderman Bob Joy Checks In

When it's convenient, that is.

Another Republican blowing off the important work of overseeing the business of Milford. I guess the warm beaches of Mexico were too difficult to resist.

And this guy wants to be our mayor!

Excerpted from the CT Post:
Republican mayoral candidate Bernard “Bob” Joy Jr. wasn’t at his usual seat on the Board of Aldermen on Monday night, but he had a good excuse.

Joy said in a statement read by Alderman Anthony Gianattassio, R-1, that he is on his way back from a trip to Mexico with his wife, Melody. Melody Joy won the trip as an award for outstanding performance at work. Sure beats an Oscar….

Alderman Bob Joy has missed more than one-third of the BOA meetings during his first and only term as 3rd District Alderman.

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Tessa Marquis said...

The Milford Dems have a photo of Alderman Joy:

I guess he's our own local Newt Gingrich (although Newt went to Greece...where the economy is melting down faster that cheese on a tortilla when you're making quesadilla...etc. you get my point...)