Saturday, June 11, 2011 being dickish about new tax law

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I doubt there's a single person in the entire nation who isn't aware that buying stuff online without paying sales tax is taking advantage of a legal loophole that would in all likelihood eventually be closed.

Well, apparently the top management of are being deliberately obtuse when it came to the sales tax issue, because they reacted quite rashly to Connecticut's new tax law that (finally) requires out-of-state retailers to collect sales tax by discontinuing to serve Connecticut residents who have businesses that use Amazon's services to process their sales.

What a bunch of dicks! Rather than simply setting up a process that adds the 6.35% (effective July 1st) sales tax to orders coming from Connecticut, Amazon decided to pull the plug on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of small businesses that reside in Connecticut and rely on Amazon's partner program to process their online sales.

I mean, it's not like online retailers haven't already been dealing with the sales tax issues for years. Corporations like Sears and Home Depot that have actual retail locations within the state have been collecting and processing sales tax for their in-state online sales. This is not new territory by any means. Yet, Amazon (and another significant online retailer, ceased business with in-state partners and have promised to challenge the new (and entirely reasonable) law in court.

Which will likely lose, because everyone knows that buying stuff online without paying sales tax is a scam that they've been getting away with for years and will eventually get closed. We might not be thrilled about it, but it's entirely fair to pay sales tax for stuff we buy. It's a loophole that's been in place for years. That doesn't make it right.

Well, it's closed now. Get over it.

And buy your stuff in-state from now on, from Connecticut businesses, and do your part to help the local economy.

In other words, don't be a dick!


Anonymous said...

No Thanks, living on the RI border affords me lower fuel, Alcohol and clothing prices. So yeh, kinda sucks for those who live in the interior part of CT.
Interstate commerce leads to competetion and lower cost which in turn helps those who need it most. I've a son who lives in a "free" state and will just start Gifting purchases to me via Amazon and other web based stores.
To be held hostage buy a state that heaps more and more Taxes is a fools paradise.

CT Bob said...

So good for you. If you feel wonderful about helping other state's economies rather than our own, maybe you should move to a "free" state and stop enjoying our wonderful New England culture and lifestyle.

Jesus, we've become a nation of whining children. How about everyone kicking in and helping, by making small sacrifices, rather than bitching about things being so bad? I can't imagine that a single person who reads this blog has less than one flat screen TV in their home.

And most probably drive imported cars.

Tessa Marquis said...

Boycott/Girlcott Amazon. Who cares?

Buy local - from the stores owned by residents. What has a big box store done for you lately?

Today's Farmers Market in Milford and tomorrow's Captain Kidds Pirate Day were both designed and organized and funded by the Downtown Milford Business Association. No funding from the city, no taxpayer money, etc.

Just good stuff for the community.

(PS -- No flat screen tv here though the Prius is an import.

West Haven Bob said...


NO flat-screen TV (in fact, no TV's at all); and I drive a Ford...

I try to practice what I preach.

Ed Sheridan said...

Sorry,Bob. The Supreme Court has ruled that sales tax can only be collected when the seller has a nexus(building) in the state where the online purchase is made.
The new law will cause Amazon to sever ties with Connecticut web sites that had previously received revenue from Amazon. This will cost the state money as these web sites paid income tax to the state.
Considering all the new taxes our socialist legislature has imposed on Connecticut residents, people will be making more tax free purchases on Amazon.
Sorry, Bob.

CT Bob said...

Tessa, I'm kind of on the fence about hybrids. I'd rather you had a U.S. version, but the fact that you're spending much less on Saudi oil is forgivable. But doesn't Ford make a hybrid yet? I dunno...I haven't bought a new car since 1995.

And I own a 1980 U.S.-made sailboat.

Bob, same sitch here. I've got a couple old tube TVs, and in fact have an ancient 15" Dell monitor that I'm typing this on. (Probably why I have so many spelling mistakes!)

CT Bob said...

Ed, the SC may have made that ruling long ago, before so much commerce was transacted on the internet.

I think when they revisit this issue in today's commercial climate, they'll rule that what's fair is fair, and people will have to pay their rightful sales tax.

PS - Don't drive on any socialist-funded streets today. And stay away from all those socialist parks and beaches. Oh, and tell your parents that they should give back their socialist Medicare and Social Security payments.

Because if we as a society pay for anything that actually HELPS people, it MUST be bad!

FoxNews is the worst thing that ever happened to our country. It brainwashes moderately stupid people into being drones for anything that doesn't directly benefit the wealthy. And they're too ignorant to see that they're the most likely people to be victimized by the policies they support.

I fervently pray that there's such a thing as Hell, only because I know that Rupert Murdoch and his entire network of awful people will end up there eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, the free state my son lives in happens to be part of NE, actually the land of contradictions known as Vermont.
Fox news is the only voice to give balance against MSM and liberal academia brainwashing. Thankfully the college mushminds are finding out that Obama's promises were just empty rhetoric. Don't expect are large turn out this time around kiddies.

Damn right I buy Foreign Vehicles and only ones built by NON-Union Manufacturers.

Anything that can be attritubed to futhering the Democrat party I stay away from. Stop and Shop for instance, never step foot in their doors we've many non-union food sources. Everything I purchase, resturant visits..everything, I try to investagate their politics, I then choose who to give my money to.

Let's see Hendricks Gin is $65 cheapest I found in CT. It's $45 at Haxtons in Warwick RI, same goes for Blatons and Jefferson Reserve, hell a 1/2 drive and I save $60 on those 3 items alone!
If you think overburdensome taxation is patriotic then enjoy it.
I thought all you leftists were about "Choice". I guess that's selective aye?
Sign Me, Free to "Choose" in CT.

Tessa Marquis said...

Anonymous is Gin Soaked. (self-proclaimed).

I dare to repeat myself:
"Anonymity is for 12 step programs."

Anonymous said...

Really? A lame deflection...alas a trait all too common found with leftists.
You realize of course that Bob shares in alcohol consumption..his the more girlish wimp..I prefer bourbon and small handcrafted gins. Sadly some are just ignorant shills more in tune to verbal assaults hehe.

CT Bob said...

How dare you besmirch my boozy ways! I typically indulge in the finest single malt scotch, and only grudgingly accept less. You may attack my liberal ways and my political leanings, but I've never been so insulted in all my life!

Anonymous said...

Oh bob..autofill sucks..meant WIno lol!

CT Bob said...

OK then, I'll tone down my outrage slightly.

But I retain my rights as a liberal in good standing to remain somewhat outraged about nearly everything else in the known universe.

Especially when it relates to my preferences regarding the finer varieties of alcoholic beverages. That, I will not compromise! :)

Anonymous said...

Bob, You are 100% correct about Fox News. Brainwashing is their only goal. It starts at 6 A.M. Steve,Gretchen and Brian start the Obama bashing. When I put on Fox it takes only 1 or 2 minutes before they began their anti Democratic rants. It is amazing some can not see through this. They say the President is anti business, well the Dow Jones has gone from 6000 to 12000 anti business? After Bin Laden was taken out Fox's Judge Napolintano called for investigations on President Obama if the killing was legal. In fox's eyes even the killing of Bin Laden was criminal. It is a shame, but Fox News does a great job misinforming the most vulnerable in our society. Roger and Rupert, Billo,Sean,Gretta, brit,Cavuto, Krauthammer, wallace, doocy, Meagan Kelly will all be treated harshly at the pearly gates. They might spare Shep. Dan, Lauren, Abby and Connor.