Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Tweets

So...we have a Democratic rep behaving like a horse's ass.

Not much different from when a Republican rep does the same thing.

Whatever, it happens.

But you knew I couldn't keep quiet about it now, did you?

Some of my Tweets from the last few days:

Monday June 7th 7:20PM
@Connecticut Bob: I've been offline all day. I wonder if there are any weiner tweets? #whatadumbass

Monday June 7th 10:05PM
@ConnecticutBob: At least he didn't force his wife to stand beside him while he made his weepy apology. #weiner #whatadumbass

Wednesday June 9th 9:20PM
@ConnecticutBob: If what he did wasn't illegal, he shouldn't resign. #tweetingphotosofyourpenisisstilladumbassedidea

Wednesday June 9th 9:43PM
@ConnecticutBob: Didn't we have a President who got blown in the Oval Office and survived it? But enough about William H. Taft. Leave Weiner alone!

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Anonymous said...

He's one of the worst war hawks, so if the sex scandal sinks him that's fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked Obama has us now involved in 5 wars (Syria next?)...yet not a peep from the Weiner Class aka Liberals.