Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ben's view of a Lieberbus appearance

A reader of this blog, Ben, commented on a previous thread that he'd been to a Lieberbus stop upstate. I checked it out, and really enjoyed it. Sadly, the Kiss Float wasn't there, but it's still worth a read. Here's a segment:

The diner was pretty full, but it was almost early dinnertime. There were a number of older folks there, and there were a few journalists (including my friend Chuck from the local paper). The Lieberman "supporters" didn't start arriving until about 5:25; the bus pulled up soon after. I figured that, if I stood outside, I would have a better chance of beating the crowd.

But the crowd didn't come, and is was hot. I decided to returned to the air conditioned comfort indoors. I had already met a handful of Lamont supporters outside, including this lady, holding a "Bye, Joe!" sign:

Inside, I met another three Lamont supporters sitting at the counter. We all agreed that we were there because we wanted everyone to know how awesome it was to live in a democracy; to have a choice between two candidates.

I went back outside, again to find a good spot. But I didn't need to rush. Here is a photograph of everyone who came to support incumbent senator Joseph Lieberman:

Here's the entire article.


Ben said...

Bob, thanks for the link. I'm a big fan of your blog...

Go Ned!

liv said...

That is so terribly sad...this on top of watching "March of the Penquins" tonight on DVD. Long, lonely journeys to an uncertain tomorrow.
At least Joe could catch a cuppa and some pie. Those poor penquins were on in independent ticket, so to speak. Could die alone out in the elements at any moment.
Something to think about, Joe.

Hopewellian_Magi said...

Hi CTBob, the photos in this diary are from Lieberman's stop at my (Larkspur's) humble village dinar, Zips.

The "Bye Joe" sign was the sign made by my friend, whose comments I posted on My Left Nutmeg http://www.myleftnutmeg.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=2450.

In the 2nd picture, the guy in the blue t-shirt is a Lamont supporter. I gave him a Lamont yard sign after last month's DTC meeting. He probably just went to see Lieberman. He's retired so he has time to make this impromptu Lieberman stops. The guy in the green t-shirt is a Lieberman supporter and he's also a member of Killingly's DTC. He read the vote count for Killingly at the May Democratic Convention. The others in the last photo, I can't make them out.

Unfortunately, I could not greet Lieberman with a Lamont sign. I'm oncall at work this week and if I wasn't, I'd have volunteered to drive the Kiss float around. Jan tried to get someone to follow Lieberman through Eastern CT today, but no one was available.

CT Bob said...

Shit, I didn't know that was you, Larkspur! Gah, I have enough problems remembering real names, but all these frickin' handles completely overwhelm me!


Anonymous said...

Radio station WINY in Putnam is reporting that Lieberman was greeted by 80 supporters at Zip's Diner. Info posted here seems to suggest otherwise. Any comments?

Ben said...

Anonymous, thanks for the info. I'm going to do some investigating. Perhaps more people showed up after I left? Perhaps WINY is counting the folks in the restaurant? There definitely weren't 80 people there, though. Seriously. I know I didn't do very well on the math section of the SAT, but I can count...