Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Countdown to destiny

6:08PM - Less than 2 hours to go. Maura from Stamford has been calling in with reports (see previous posts) and all around the state the turnout continues to be astounding.

Lamont Campaign Director Tom Swan gives me a thumbs-up in the hallway outside the War Room. I have to check, but I think the Fab 5 from "Queer Eye" might even pass on the challenge of remaking Swannie.

Lamont Communications Coordinator Liz DuPont-Diehl on the media stand with one of the hairdoes from the local news.

Can ya FEEL the excitement in the air? I have a feeling one way or another, the open bar in the blogger's War Room will get demolished.

1 comment:

ctblogger said...

I hope they have plenty of Rolling Rocks for me.

I'm staying on the road till the polls close. The story is out here on the road and I want to do as many interviews as possible before heading to blogger's central.

This is fucking amazing. My traffic just went ove 10,000 and it's just starting to pick up. Wow, this is insane.