Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Day So Far

5:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

CT Bob is sitting next to me editing audio and video for you. The headline so far is TURNOUT!
Clearly, a historic, record-smashing day -- so much for the "lack of interest" in an August primary. Many places are looking at close to November numbers. Unbelieveable!

Local news are set up for live shots now that the 5pm news block has started. We can only watch one channel at a time here -- at home, I at least have picture in picuture and a quick-draw remote! So, while we are in the heart of the beast here, we don't know much about external over-air media.

There are 275 credentialed media, whom we don't expect to see much of till about 7 -- polls close at 8.

Bob will be out shortly doing interviews, and I'll see if I can get some scene-setting shots for you.
This is definitely the calm before the storm --

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