Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Exit polling in Hamden

1:15 Gabe Rosenberg (from Connecticut Local Politics) assisted me with a bit of exit polling in Hamden, which is on my way to Meriden.

Gabe outside the polls. It was warming up, but a nice breeze was keeping it from being too hot.

Me taking info from a Lamont voter. Generally, the people were snootier in Hamden than Milford, but I expect that's because there was a lady annoyingly handing out tax flyers before I was able to ask the questions.

Donna Frandy and Lorraine Lupi. Donna was supporting the Malloy campaign.

The numbers are looking promising. We asked a total of 57 voters who they voted for, with 23 not responding (snoots).

Results were as follows:

Lamont 22
Lieberman 13

For gubner:

DeStefano 10
Malloy 24


Gabe said...

In real life, I am skinnier. The camera adds ten pounds.


Chris MC said...

Gabe, how vain!

You look almost exactly the way I pictured you. Maybe a bit skinnier though.