Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Reports coming in to the blog room are that Lamont won almost every precinct in Hartford -- if this is true, that's the ball game. Hard to get anything for attribution, but these are folks we have been working with all day.


Anonymous said...

648 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 86.63%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 124,528 51.82
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 115,803 48.18

Brooks said...

Thanks for reporting on this CT Bob, with no cable I still feel like I am there, live as can be

Fini Finito said...

Bob you are the MAN! Give Jane a hug from me, tell TRex I'll raise a non alcoholic toast to him as well and if you see RevDeb tell her the prayers worked!

Nate said...

As I understand it, Branford and Milford still have to report. People seem to be saying that these are good Ned places.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Connecticut!!!!!!!!!!!

Gray said...

Hmm, that's you, 'brooksfoe'?

Anonymous said...

U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
651 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 87.03%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 124,940 51.84
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 116,060 48.16

Anonymous said...

the blogosphere rocks!
this is the end of the MSM as we know it...

Anonymous said...

Loserman gets kicked out of his party, exactly what he deserves.

Brooks said...

What is MSM? and I am in PA, but parents in CT, so hence my interest and support for Lamont!

Anonymous said...

Can I breathe yet? My fingers have gone blue.

Way to go, Bob!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can wrap this up. Lieberman would need 63% of the vote in the remaining precincts to tie.

Anonymous said...

Bye Joe! Go fire-up your party of one.

Anonymous said...

As I write (9:45 PM CST), Lieberman would have to get ~62% of the remaining vote to close the gap.

-- MikeB

Anonymous said...

MSM = Main Stream Medie (Republican Parrots)

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks so much for keeping me informed. Sincerely. I'm sure it would be more fun to run all over and not be tethered to the puter, so thanks.

Congratulations and hugs from Washington state.

xoxo -Deborah L

Curmudgeon said...

MSM = mainstream media

Hudson said...

Post a pic of the hall, pleeease

HeirofPatriots said...

Thanks CT Bob! This is too exciting.

WNYC is going on and on about how Lieberman has this wrapped up for an Indy run.

I need another source and you're the only site not crashing.

Anonymous said...

I wanna believe.

But a mere 4% lead at this late stage makes me uneasy.

Late returns...

Ian said...

Best Local Blog covering tonights primary!

Way to go Bob.

We are all proud to be Nutmeggers tonight!

Anonymous said...

Brooks MSM stands for Main Stream Media .

Anonymous said...

Ortiz just homered to pull Sox within 1. Yankees lead other Sox by 1 in the 8th. This is a nail-biting night!

hotspur said...

That's what I call JOMENTUM. Now we just need to kick some republican ass in November. Fortunately, they are obviously incompetent at running a government.

Anonymous said...

Believe! With 89.17% of the precincts counted, Lieberman would need 64% of the vote in the remaining precincts to close the gap.


Rufus said...

Hartford would be the ballgame, no question about it. Here's what's still outstanding, with 648 precincts having reported:

#Pr. Town

23 Hartford
10 Wethersfield
10 Bristol
9 Wallingford
9 Enfield
7 Branford
6 Vernon
6 Farmington
5 S. Windsor
5 Bridgeport (out of 25)
4 Stamford (out of 23)
4 Guilford
4 Litchfield
3 Haddam
2 Madison
2 New Haven (out of 45)
1 Newington (out of 8)

(Yes, I know there's 10 precincts more there than there should be. But that's what AP is showing.)

Brooks said...

Thanks all...

Anonymous said...

U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
702 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 93.85%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 134,942 51.65
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 126,330 48.35

Great American said...


Anonymous said...

It's over :)

U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
713 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 95.32%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 138,836 51.92
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 128,566 48.08