Thursday, August 03, 2006

I may be crazy...

...but I'm NOT going to post the latest Q-poll numbers here.

As far as I'm concerned, the numbers may be a bit damaging. By portraying Ned Lamont as the beneficiary of a major lead over Joe Lieberman, this can actually harm Lamont's chances on Primary Day.

People who might ordinarily be moved to vote for Ned will see he has a huge lead and decide their vote won't be needed.

And Lieberman's troops might be energized by a final, frantic assault on every aspect of Ned's campaign and generate a huge "get out to vote" push.

Votes not cast for Ned will help Lieberman's chances. We can't lose focus here.

Five more days. We need to push. Hard.

Just five more days.


rc said...

In the same vein, Lieberman's supporters are going to be discouraged by this poll especially given the margin, and some won't show up to vote thinking its a lost cause for Joe.

Lamont needs to ramp up his GOTV operations.

Anonymous said...

Bob - you are so right. This is a very dangerous situation for the Lamont campaign. And a very advantageous one for Lieberman.

While Lamont voters lose some fervor, the paid-for Lieberzombie ground came could at the same time make up for lost ground, and overcome their disadvantage and end up winning the damn primary.

I'm not happy about these Q-Poll numbers, it's a very dangerous situation.

Hopewellian_Magi said...

I'm psyched by these polls. It makes me want to work harder for Ned because I want Lieberman humiliated in the polls on election day so he gives up his delusions of an Indy run.

Voting on Primary Day is important because it is about sending Lieberman a clear message that we don't want him any more, as a Dem or as an Indy.

TeddySanFran said...

Agree 100%, CT-Bob, let's keep the Q-Poll on the down low.

Instead, why not highlight this new endorsement of RGJoe by the former House Minority Leader, TOM DELAY?

Had Enough, Connecticut?

Oaktown Girl said...

Absolutely, CT Bob. It's all about who can turn out the vote. Let's keep our eye on the ball, people!

I only wish I could be there on primary day to help with the GOTV effort. This primary is about so much more than CT. Anyone who doesn't understand why is dangerously underinformed. (Thank you once again, MSM).

Anonymous said...

In connection with the Walmart event today, I thought that you all might be interested to learn the following:

1. The well respected non-partisan site Political
Money Line reports that Walmart Stores PAC contributed
which in turn, on June 29, 2006, contributed $1,000 to
Joe Lieberman's senate campaign.


2. The site Political Money Line also reports that
that Walmart Stores PAC contributed $5,000 to the
ROCKY MOUNTAIN PAC, and that the Rockey Mountain PAC
contributed $1,000 to Joe Lieberman's senate campaign
on August 4, 2005.


3. The site Political Money Line also reports that
Walmart Stores PAC contributed $10,000 to the PRIORITY
PAC and the Priority PAC contributed $2,100 to Joe
Lieberman's senate campaign on June 8, 2006.




4. The site Political Money Line reports that during
the 2005-2006 cycle, Walmart directly gave Lieberman


5. By contrast, Ned Lamont has not received a penny in
contributions from Walmart, directly or indirectly.


I e-mailed the Courant and Connecticut Post and Lamont campaign about this today...

justavoter said...

I agree .

I'm glad Lamont is ahead in the polls but I also realize we must all go door to door and call people on the phones and various Lamont Hq's around the state.

Lets all get out this weekend and do it.

CT Bob said...

Thanks for your comments, folks!

Yeah, I was pretty much hoping for a dead heat or even a slight Joe lead; that would absolutely fire up the troops.

But now we've got to overcome the "this one's in the bag" perception and keep hitting the point that we still can LOSE this if we don't work hard enough!

My fondest dream is that we win, and win HUGE, by like 20%, which would do wonders for helping Lieberman realize that he would be better served by stepping aside and leaving the Senate as a long-time statesman and gentleman.

'cause, if Ned wins this, and Joe DOESN'T quit...

Well, let's just say the focus of this blog will be to make Joe realize the folly of his ways.

matt said...

Anon 349: Those are cool references, but it's hard to tie them together as "money laundering" unless the pass-through all happened on the same day. They may very well be coincidences, even though it would be good if they weren't.

It takes a lot of effort - and a lot of communication and evidence we don't have - to prove this stuff is coordinated (see: Jack Abramoff hearings)