Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Gonna be Quick

7:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

Stay tuned and don't move -- word is we will have results by 8:30 and know the winner. We have no exit polling that we are holding back, but we DO know about the vote reporting to here, and it will be quick.

Ned will make a short speech, meet with supporters and that's it as far as we know.

Jessie Jackson is in the room right now -- Mr. Kirby escorted him in. Bob is shooting video -- will be up shortly.

Here's media row lined up for the 6 o'clock live shots -- it is nuts here

We are having trouble getting photos up here -- will keep posting and try to fix that. Jessie Jackson will be on with Colin on his livestream at http://www.wtic.com once he finishes giving his interview here.

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