Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Looking good

While things are not for sure now, latest numbers here at the hotel
80% in
Lamont 117000
Lieberman 103000


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyway to confirm those numbers?

Anonymous said...

U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
484 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 64.71%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 89,814 51.60
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 84,231 48.40

Anonymous said...

Any word on turnout so far? 50% or more?

meervoudjongen said...

Ned: 53,18%
Joe: 46,82%

beedee said...

how's the turnout in CT overall? is it enough to kill Lieberman's excuse for his indy run that not a lot of people vote in the summer primary?

Anonymous said...

Is that for real?

I REALLY want to win this one!

Anonymous said...

Republicans REALLY want you to win this one, too.

Anonymous said...

As someone not from CT, I must say I'm impressed with how fast you count the votes.

It's good because I don't know how much of this my nerves can take.

tootouch said...

come on now 80% in looking good...you guys are doijn awsome...now bring it home for us baby...lol

Lizzy said...

I still posting the reporting coming in. But hey I like your numbers.

Gray said...

If 220k votes are 80%, there's only 55k missing now. It seems somewhat improbable that Lieberman should be able to get 34500 of these and Lamont only 20500. Imho it's a sure win for Ned now!

Anonymous said...

If thoswe numbers are right lieberman needs 65% of the remaing 20% of the precints assuming roughly same sized precints.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone do a percentage count on those numbers? My math sucks :-/

Anonymous said...

So those numbers are without absentee ballots? Since we were hearing about a big Lamont edge on those, there's a chance of getting a big enough victory to keep Joe out.

Sue123 said...

Kos isn't down yet, but it' really acting wierd. I can't post anything anymore, and the recommended diaries are inaccesible.

Must me Denial of Service.

Anonymous said...

I can't get on to Firedoglake! Anyone else having problems?

hypatia said...

Can get onto FDL but only what looks to be an archive from quite a while ago

Rufus said...

AP with 484 precincts reporting - what's still yet to report:

#Pr. Town

23 Stamford
23 Hartford
12 W Hartford
7 E Hartford
10 Wethersfield
14 Middletown
14 Norwalk
10 Bristol
10 Fairfield
10 Manchester
10 Milford
10 Wethersfield
10 New Haven (out of 45)
9 Wallingford
9 Glastonbury
9 Enfield

And after that, it's places like Vernon and Bloomfield and smaller stuff like that.

Sue123 said...

Remind me not to work as a greeter at Hooker School in Bridgeport

We were told we were standing too close to the open doors that were opened to let the air in, so after 4 times of reminding us to step back (which we did), they closed the doors. I guess they really didn't need the air. The Lieberman people were not approached or reprimanded.

We were told that we were too loud, that we had to step back, that we were not allowed to use the school chairs to sit on (and I teach in the city). It was pretty constant.

We were told that WE HAD BEEN DRINKING! The last thing I remember is that a Lamont lawyer had to be called in to verify the numbers.

Politics as usual in Bridgeport.