Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"My staff can tell you."

The "Happiest Aggressive Interrogator" strikes again, with Part II of the Senator Lieberman "interview". I say "interview" because after one good question I was rudely put off by his handlers.

And Jelly wasn't happy with me once again.

(I wonder if this guy ever smiles except when he's breaking legs?)

Yes, it's another proud moment for the PPM (People Powered Media).


Anonymous said...

"He is doing an interview," said Connecticut Bob.

These videos are hilarious. I hope you will put your collected works out on DVD after the campaign is over. I'd buy it.

Stevie said...

I started giving to Ned thinking that it would at least buy you a beer next tuesday.
You have earned it and earned it and earned it.
Thanks for your work Bob.
I shudder with envy.

And make sure you get that beer.

(is it me or is Joe just not lookin like a winner?)

Sue123 said...;jsessionid=53358B7E185AFAFBFE9C2575B1C01CA8?diaryId=2468

Lorenzo's latest adventures.

TeddySanFran said...

"My staff can tell you.... except they won't."

CT-Bob, Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson were talking about you when they fought for the right of their countrymen to a free press.

Thanks for all you do.

bobeedee said...

Dear Joe,
You're fired! While you may reapply for the job, it is unlikely you will ever be hired by us again.
The Voters of Connecticut

PS - The door that closed on you when you lost your job is the same one that you can open and enter into your new business. (As a lobbyist).

Anonymous said...

Great interview. It really shows what you would be getting if you vote for Joe; more of the same. I laughed at the banana joke by the way.

Anonymous said...

that joe is being such a good sport only accentuates your obnoxiousness. citizen media? fine--but you use it for something more substantive than snarky gotchas (campaign buttons? please) in some pale imitation of 'Roger and Me.' to ordinary people this is going to look like harassment by a crazy jerk.