Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We could use a senator like Al

If it wasn't so goddamned cold in Minnesota, I'd consider moving there!

(actually, I can never live in Minnesota; it's much too far from the seven seas for an old salt like me...)


West Haven Bob said...

Well, no matter where you live, it would be too far from SIX of the seven seas... said...


send a message to traitor Joe Lieberman demanding he help enact a

strong single payer public option into law.

oldswede said...

But Bob, Minneapolis is right on the Mississippi River. Just follow it for a while and you're in the Gulf of Mexico, heading for Key West. What could be more convenient?

leaveonlyfootprints said...

Agreed on two counts:

Al Franken rocks.

7 Seas - the pub, as I assume you are referring to - is irreplaceable.

CT Bob said...

Yes, that's what I was talking about. I can't imagine living 2,000 miles away from their delicious fish 'n chips and Murphey's Ale!

ralph in saugerties said...

Al's a straight shooter. So happy Minnesota put him in there. But I'm a little peeved to hear about this pub that I now want to go to, but don't know where it is. Maybe they have a website? I'll google seven seas. New Haven? C'mon guys, help me out.

CT Bob said...

The 7 Seas is a Milford landmark, located right off the east end of the Milford Green, at 16 New Haven Ave.

Some photos and a review here