Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boat's in


It was a long, long winter.

Now it's sailing season, and life is gonna be good once again.


Windbag said...

Bob, there's something amiss with your page layout or whatever it's called. The videos obscure the text when I go to your page. I can send a screen shot, but I don't think I can embed it here. I'll try...


oldswede said...

No problems like that here. I'm using Firefox 4.1 in Windows7.

CT Bob said...

Windbag, it could be the resolution of your monitor is set too low for the video settings.

I embedded this video at 560 pixels wide. If your monitor is set for 800x600 or less, then the video might overlap the right sidebar.

I use 1024x768 resolution on my screen, and most computers use that level or higher these days.

I can't really do much about it, because I want the main page to be a certain width. If I wasn't so lazy I can probably find a template that works for most people. But I am, so I won't.

So, accept my apologies on that, but thanks for reading anyway!