Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing CT Free Radicals

There's a new political blog in Connecticut, direct from the mind of Tessa Marquis.

CT Free Radicals ( - link fixed) is a welcome addition to the local blogosphere. From the opening banner ("I wake up screaming!") you know you're in for something a bit different than the other offerings around here.

Tessa also has the blog listed under the New Haven Register's online Community Media Lab section, where local bloggers are featured and periodically promoted.

I personally don't read the Register online anymore because of their stupid TWO pop-ups that occur every single time I access the page with Firefox. One pop-up is annoying enough. Two is fucking ridiculous! I'm not gonna change my browser or install yet another goddamned add-on that will slow my computer down even more just to deal with their stupid shitty website!

So I deleted their bookmark, and only grudgingly went there today (where I paused to close the two pop-up windows) and copied their link to promote Tessa's blog.

Notwithstanding the awfulness of the Register's website, you can go directly to her blog by clicking on (and bookmarking) this link: I enjoy hearing Tessa's unique voice among the usual din of the local blogosphere, and I wish her much success with it.

And if the Register ever decides to modify their stupid pop-up policy, I may be inclined to start reading it again. But don't hold your breath.

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lakezoarian said...

Great Tessa!

I was wondering what became of the Free Radicals. (I'm referring to the famous bluesman Walter Trout's backup band) Man, they could really kick ass! Did Tessa know that when she came up with the name? First it was "Walter Trout And the Free Radicals" then "Walter Trout and the Radicals" and now just "Walter Trout."

His beloved Stratocaster is probably the most flogged electric guitar in history... Click on my name to see.