Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photos from the JJB Dinner

Here's some photos and commentary about last night's JJB Dinner:

Outside, a look at the sign while a group of Chris Murphy volunteers put on a show of support in the drizzly weather.

View of my video gear while Wendy Gerbier sings the National Anthem beautifully.

Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie is looking entirely too happy to be covering this event. It's definitely not as much fun as that!

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy making the keynote address at the dinner.

The lovely and talented Mike Brown, along with the even more lovely and vastly more talented Suzanne Manning, who mentioned tonight that she'll be seeking the City Clerk's office here in Milford. Yay!

Chrissy Bonanno with Tessa Marquis and our designated driver (and living proof that a lack of alcohol doesn't necessarily make you a safer driver) Mike Brown.

Susan Bysiewicz drops by to say hello to Tessa.

I even managed to get a photo with the Governor himself last night.

Here's "Martini" Marquis with State Comptroller Kevin Lembo.

Finally, we ran into one of my favorite bloggers in the parking garage, John Wirzbicki from CT Blue. (BTW John, what's a blogger gotta do to get a link on your blogroll?)

Thank you Mike & Tessa for help wrangling my video gear, driving me safely up & back, and for the post-JJB espresso!


Tessa Marquis said...

Carried a camera all night and forgot to take pictures.

Sarah Aziz was there with her handsome husband Rehan. She looked very beautiful, although we worried she might have the baby before the dessert arrived!

Chrissy Bonanno had some guy just gazing at her like she was a sunset. Oh yeah, that was Tim Tagaris.

Those are the celebrities I remember.

CT Bob said...

I loved your hat, Tessa!

I did want to include the lovely S. Aziz and hubby photo in my post, as she's such a sweetheart (and lookin' ready to pop), but she had previously asked me to not name her in bloggie stuff per privacy reasons, so I didn't want to cause any problems for her.

Tessa Marquis said...

What do you mean, Bob? You are confused.

Sarah is the Secretary of the North Haven DTC and the Treasurer of the Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission.

CT Bob said...

Ah, I had her confused with a blogger who told me several times not to identify her in any online photos.

Gabe said...

You guys are as subtle as a heart attack. One that calls first.

CT Bob said...

Subtle? Where's the fun in that?

Tessa Marquis said...

Gabe v.2011 = Buzzkill

Anonymous said...

Damn man, what about this?


I diaried it on MLN but was ignored, as usual.

What is she thinkin'?


CT Bob said...

KW, I imagine she wants to be mayor. I like Gayle, but I find the timing to be a little weird.

While Ben was lining up Democratic support and talking to people since December, Gayle seems to have simply announced right on the heels of Richetelli's news that he's retiring.

It seems a bit late in to jump in the game, IMO.

CTBlue said...

I thought I had a link to your site. It's up now.

JTHM said...

Scary...crazy scary.

CT Bob said...

Thanks John!