Friday, May 20, 2011

Boy, if I'm wrong about this...

...then I'm gonna be in some seriously deep shit come tomorrow!

But, I'm fairly certain I'm not in error here, so I'm gonna officially proclaim Sunday May 22nd to be "National LOL Day!"

A day of celebration, filled with laughter and awkward, uncomfortable excuses.

I can't wait! What could possibly be more rapturous?

UPDATE: Still here! [whew!]

Then again, even if the Rapture did occur today, I'd still be here anyway!


carterman said...

At first I laughed off this guy and his really wacky ideas. It amazes me at how much media traction one can get with a lot of money and crazy. My laughing turned to anger when I realized that I had to be careful with the radio in the car because this sort of nonsense might scare my young child. As many parents know, it is sometimes hard to dissuade a child from believing something they hear (no matter how irrational). I for one will be glad when this story goes away on the 22nd.

CT Bob said...

I think the real story on the 22nd will be about all the people who were duped into giving away all their money and worldly possessions in anticipation of their magic carpet ride to heaven.

And thinking about children, how awful is it for the poor kids of these lunatics, who are subjected to the crazed actions of the easily deluded?

lakezoarian said...

The event has been scheduled for 6PM EST

Just think about all that abandoned stuff they will be leaving behind. I want an airplane, nothing fancy and inexpensive on avgas. 200 MPH would be real convenient. Can you hear me out there devout pilots? Just leave a will on the seat before you go (up).

CT Bob said...

Yeah, but it supposedly started at the Int'l Date Line. New Zealand was supposed to have a huge quake at 2AM our time (6PM Kiwi Time), then every time zone afterward on the hour.

So far, no quakes. I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Tessa Marquis said...

To carterman:
I know someone who was sipping a diet coke while chauffeuring her kids.

The younger one suddenly burst into tears and said (between sobs) "You shouldn't Drink and Drive!"