Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Night Music Club XVII

Make sure the windows are closed and your neighbors aren't home...

...because you need to turn this shit up loud!

The Cramps is gonna blow the roof off the joint with their song "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"!

The Cramps pioneered the elusive genre now known as "psychobilly", a combination of 50's rockabilly and punk rock.

The band, primarily composed of lead singer and glam aficionado Lux Interior and his wife, flame-headed guitarist Poison Ivy, formed during the late 70s punk-garage band revolution, and for more than 30 years they ground out hard-edged tunes that never stop making parties infinitely more fun.

Sadly, Lux Interior died suddenly in 2009 of an aortic dissection, which is the same thing that claimed TV actor John Ritter several years ago. The band broke up after that.

But the music lives on, and we can be happy to hear such crazed hits as "Ultra Twist":

Isn't it amazing how you only have to put the word "ultra" in front of anything, and it instantly makes it way cooler?

BONUS TRACK: If you've read this far down, you deserve a little reward. Here's my favorite Cramps tune "Can't Hardly Stand It", by the 50s rockabilly star and one of Lux Interior's influences Charlie Feathers:

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