Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Night Movie Club III

Tonight's feature would easily classify under the "Sunday Night Music Club" heading, since it's a documentary about the legendary punk band Black Flag during their last tour in 1986, called "Reality 86'd".

The movie, shot on Super8 film by David Markey, chronicles the cross country tour of the band, along with supporting acts Gone and Painted Willie. Markey also sings and plays drums in Painted Willie.

The stark, gritty look of the film makes it clear that the ONLY proper way to shoot a documentary about punk rock is in Super8.

Watch the movie on Vimeo now.

And, for another look at Black Flag and life on the road, pick up a copy of Henry Rollins' Get In The Van, his diary of the band from 1981-1986. It's probably my favorite book about the punk rock era in America.


lakezoarian said...

My my my, Black Flag!

You wildman! ;-D

Oh well, I've probably just sentenced myself to eternal damnation for this, but here goes:...

CT Bob said...


I saw Henry's band at WS94; what a great performance during a rainstorm.