Tuesday, August 08, 2006

45% of precincts

Lamont 76,000
Lieberman 66,000

with 45%

Secy of state says their Web site is down because of way too much traffic

Most of absentee ballots are in and being counted now.

Kevin Rennie, Hartford Courant columnist reporting that Rs are waiting by the phones to endorse Joe and step on a Lamont win story --- take that for what it's worth.


lawDawg said...

376 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 50.27%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont Dem 70,444 52.13
LiebermanDem 64,700 47.87

Anonymous said...

376 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 50.27%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 70,444 52.13
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 64,700 47.87

Anonymous said...

It's getting tighter.

According to the latest, it's 52 Lamont - 48 Lieberman, with a little over 50% reporting.


Gray said...

Bob's numbers:

Lamont 53.5
Lieberman 46.4

Anonymous said...

This is a nailbiter.

How do these results usually break in CT?

lawDawg said...

Getting closer:

404 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 54.01%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont Dem 74,396 51.98
LiebermanDem 68,718 48.02

Aquaria said...

It's getting way too tight, way too fast... I dunno, this one may go down to the wire...

andyj said...

SecState says out of staters are crashing their results site?

This CLOWN blogging for the NYT just posted another link to the CT SecState site like 10 minutes ago, and no sooner than the state site had been back up.. its been downed AGAIN!


Gray said...

"Getting closer:"

Yup, and the Hartford Courant now seems to have a fast connection for the numbers...

Scarce said...

The numbers aren't close at all. Joe is getting smoked. Wait till you see at 80% reporting.

Gray said...

Lets hope that this is really the effect from pro Lieberman city results coming in, and not some rethug hacker connected to the voting machines :(

meervoudjongen said...

New York Times:
Joseph I. Lieberman 72,964 47.8%
Ned Lamont 79,580 52.2%

57% of Precincts Reporting

Anonymous said...

Ned is pulling out a bit more...little bit'

Gray said...

423 of 748 - 56.55%

Lamont, Ned Dem 79,580 52.17
Lieberman, Joe Dem 72,964 47.83

steppenwolff said...

Bridgport is 51% to Lieberman with 20/25 reporting

Anonymous said...

Update from the Ballroom
80% Reporting
Lamont 117,000
Lieberman 103,000

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be close, but not that close. My guess for final tally: Lamont 53, Lieberman 47