Friday, August 04, 2006

Dickie Goes Ballistic

So, I don't know this Richard Goodstein fellow from a hole in the ground, but he seemed mostly harmless. Even considering he was demonstrating at a rally for Ned Lamont, with a group of perhaps 50 Lieberman "volunteers", who seemed intent on getting coverage for their disruptive activities.

I wonder why Joe Lieberman is sending his groupies over to bother Ned's event? Could it be that it's the only way they can get to experience what it's like to be in a LARGE and ENTHUSIASTIC CROWD?

Because, Joe ain't drawing the crowds, that's for sure.

So, they are an obnoxious group of low-information-voters, many of whom can't ever VOTE for Joe because they're shuttled in from out of state.

And one of the out-of-stater's is Richard Goodstein. Check out this video and see how much Mr. Goodstein thinks of Ned Lamont, Al Sharpton, and just about everybody else in the world who asks him a question.


Anonymous said...


That Goodstein is such an ass. Once again, the Lieberman field campaign messages comes shining through:

How Dare They?

TeddySanFran said...

BOB, you rock!

This is phenomenal. Lieberman must denounce Goodstein. If the tactics at Ted's aren't Lieberman's, RGJoe must say so.


Anonymous said...

Wow - Dick really made the case, didn't he?

Oh. My. God.

s p a z e b o y said...

OT--Remember the banana suit guy?

Check this out.

(BTW, you're welcome, I totally pimped this post at FDL for you)

Anonymous said...

Excellent tactics.
Intelligence Rules OK.
3 talking-points re- Lamont.
His wealth:
His 'racism'- NYT photo with Waters and de Pina

slur: check PHOTO entry at-,0,3918320.story?page=2&coll=hc-headlines-local

A UAW MACHINIST UNION supporter, center, swipes a placard from one of the Lieberman supporters who showed up Thursday at a union rally for Ned Lamont in front of Pratt & Whitney in Middletown. Wesley Young, left, tried to get the placard back.
Aug. 3, 2006
Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant

best of luck

CT Bob said...

Thanks Spazeboy (except for the banana guy; that was annoying! LOL)

Richard said...

Hey! You're the guy who video recorded me!

TrueBlueCT said...

Thanks Bob!

Sorry for calling Dick a DICK!

Just couldn't help myself.

patrick said...

what's this guy's problem with Sharpton?

It's like he's trying to send this coded message:

Are you with the Centrist Democratic establishment..... or with those CRAZY BLACK PEOPLE?!?!?!!!1!!1???

Um... I'll take the people that are just as pissed about Katrina as I am over the corporate lobbyists, thanks...

-TRex's twin brother, Patrick

CT Bob said...

TrueblueCT, no prob; it was funny. But when I saw the steam rising off Dick's head, I knew it was time to back off and just watch. I really thought the vein bulging out of his neck was gonna burst!

Patrick (Trex's twin...does that make you "Patrex"?), you know, that's what I thought he was getting at. Subtle racism.

It's almost like he forgot he wasn't talking to his cronies in a back room, and he accidently let his latent racist attitudes out in public.

Harriet said...

Great video Bob! I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel – great work!

Those Lieberman “volunteers?” were squirming around like pesky summer flies. A lot of them didn't look old enough to vote. Joe should be ashamed that he's letting these kids make him look so desperate! I asked one of them who was licking a snow cone where she was from and she turned around and said “none of your business” and I said, “Are you from CT?” and she said “if you don’t shut up I’ll dump this snow cone on your head.” Gee, what nice kids Joe’s hired!!!!

Anonymous said...

He must work for a really bad lobbying firm, sheesh. Is that the best they can dig up? Who's advising Holy Joe on these tactics, Carrot Top?

It's like the dumb bank robber who grabs a hostage and yells "Stay back or I'll shoot!" while holding the gun to his own head.

Anonymous said...

cool video - i love it

patrick said...

Patrick (Trex's twin...does that make you "Patrex"?),

No one has ever called me Patrex that I am aware of, but I'd answer to it, especially if it was preceded by "Did you want a cigar with your coffee?"

you know, that's what I thought he was getting at. Subtle racism.

Subtle if you have the luxury of being white, maybe? I heard someone somewhere once call this "dogwhistle racism."

It's of a certain pitch- only racists and people of color can hear it plainly, but it's spelled right out there: You're either with us or you're going to sell us out to those whacky negroes!

Trex and I grew up in the deep south- we saw these battles first hand, what with Civil Rights activist parents and good, solid public school educations. (where most of the important lessons were about class and privilege and all that comes with it, or doesn't....)

Look after my little brother, CT Firedogs. I wish I could be there to throw my shoulder against the wheel.

I am hoping to head out to the Plains States for GOTV efforts in October and November of this year. I am a big ol' sunburned country boy, very different from TRex in accent and bearing. I fit right in with the "What's Wrong with Kansas?" crowd. I know where I can be useful.

Keep up the good work, CT Bob. Let's speak again, soon.

Johnny said...

Patrex and others. I'm sure that Goodstein isn't a racist. I'd even bet that if you asked him, he'd tell you some of his best friends are black

boadicea said...

Well done!

And I loved the folks who started the "Lobbyists for Lieberman" chant.

So, Richie calls himself a friend of Joe Lieberman's eh?

That kind of friend doesn't represent very well.

Anonymous said...

Here's a blurb about him from the "National Home Infusion Association". Looks like he was there last month for a lobbyist conference. Big Healthcare. If you ask me, these companies are more interested in milking the Medicare system the way it is (legally, of course) than they are in anyone's health.

He's a connected lawyer with his own consulting gig. Went to Weslyan which is in CT and worked for both Ribicoff, late Dem Gov and Sen from CT, and Humphrey. No mention of the Mondale scandal. Law degree from Gerogetown Magna Cum Laude in 1978.

Smart cookie. What's he doing slumming for Lieberman?

Anonymous said...

And if this is the same guy, he's described as a former advisor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Sounds like him, but no pics.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely him as he's registerd as a lobbyist for the House of Representatives. Sorry for all these hit-and-run posts but some of you might like to learn a little more about this clown.

Anonymous said...

Two more links. He's listed as a lawyer for some Green (environment friendly, not the party) website here. How do I know that's him? Look at the address. Then go the U.S. Senate registered lobbyist site, type in Goodstein and click his registration for American Re-Fuel at the top. The address is the same. You can see his signature there too. Lobbying is a billion dollar a year business and the number of lobbyists in DC has doubled since 2000. He doesn't want to lose his gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Correct Senate Lobbyist link. Select "Registrant Name" and GO! then type 'goodstein' and GO! again. One hit. That's him. Click on his name and his entire Senate Lobbyist creds come up.

Sue123 said...

I've never outed a straight guy before (or a gay one, for that matter).

This has made my summer.

ralphie said...

Hahahaaaaaa!Lordy Bob(wiping eyes), how I love these videos. They need to lock Dick in a hotel room until the election is over. Thanks for all the work you're doing. It really helps those of us who can't be there feel more connected. Go Ned!

Anonymous said...

You should follow Richard at events with a sign saying "Lieberman Bought my Vote". Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

He's getting more than $60 a day for sure. He might have grown up in CT and possibly he did know Lieberman from way back, but he's younger than Joenertia and they didn't go to school together. Maybe they know each other from when Lieberman was AG? They both enjoy making sure the money flows to the right people these past few years. They latched right on to the Rethug corporate welfare game and are holding on for dear life right now. Thats my guess.

Richard said...

I am not aware that Richard Goodstein has being a paid employee in any of our offices. He certainly didn't come with our crews yesterday, and to my knowledge, he is working on his own means.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit ...... and he also share the same name as DICK Cheney ... I mean it would just be coincidence BUT similar talking points?!?

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Way to go, Ct Bob!

CT Bob said...

Richard, of COURSE Dickie is "working for his own means". That's what Lobbyists do! They don't give a flying fuck about the issues, except how they can profit from getting their boy elected.

It's political prostitution, plain and simple. Dickie will sell himself to whoever pays him the most.

Oh, and thanks for reading "Connecticut Bob", Richard. I appreciate your comments even if I don't agree with them. You are courteous and intelligent. I'm sure Ned will appreciate your support on August 9th.

Anonymous said...

Those Lieberyouth are College Republicans. No wonder that they are so obnoxious.

Kate R said...

at the risk of much flaming, I thought the lobbyists for lieberman shouting (more than once or twice) was ALMOST as obnoxious as the lobbyist for the lieberman himself.

Kate R said...

So back to the soap opera itself--who was the guy asking RG about the tactics used at Teds (the question RG never answered) and what was the lie Richard accused him of telling yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Folks: America disrespects-distrusts the far left as much as the current admin in power: the far right. You think you're helping the Dem cause by voting out Sen. Lieberman, but in actually his ouster will alienate mainstream electorate AND empower the Repulican right to paint your ENTIRE party as liberal. And that will deeply setback efforts my the Dems to appeal to moderate America, where I reside politically. Steve Jarriel, Vienna, VA

Anonymous said...

Steve Jarriel adds: And the electorate that will decide the next presidential election. -SJ

Anonymous said...

The innovative usage of new media says a lot about the Canidates and who votes for them. The Lamont voters are obviously more with it where the Lieberman people are out of touch with modern technology and probably other issues as well. Interesting.

Mike Schiff said...

I agree with kate r, except I think the "Lobbyists for Lieberman" shouting was AS obnoxious as the presence of the lobbyists. Both parties in this dispute need to grow up and act like thinking, respectful adults, not whiny, frivolous children.

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