Saturday, August 05, 2006

More on Dickie

Joe's sparing no expense to buy this election. Apparently Richard Goodstein is a very high-priced DC lobbyist/political mercenary, according to a slew of sources that came in overnight. Ten million lobbyist bucks can buy a lot of fire power!

And, in the comments section of my last article, a bratty Lieberman kid allegedly threatened to pour his sno-cone on a very nice lady's head when she asked him if he was from out of state. What a snot!

And also an ingrate; the sno-cones were given away FREE by the Lamont campaign to EVERYONE, even those mis-behaving guttersnipes who showed up with their $60 of lobbyist's money in their pockets and wearing an ugly-assed T-shirt that I wouldn't even use to wash my car.

Here's a faux tabloid newspaper page, created by the awesomely talented Paul Molloy:

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