Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lieberman staffers paid to lie?

At the Greenwich Lamont rally Friday evening, I spent a good amount of time videotaping the Lieberman "volunteers" who were milling around the edge of the crowd and generally being obnoxious. I took shots of many of them and asked every one if they were being paid to be there.

EVERY ONE of them loudly said, "No, I'm just a volunteer." Not a single one admitted to getting their lobbyist money from millionaire lawyer Joe Lieberman.

And yet, in today's Hartford Courant, we see this quote from Marion Steinfels (Lieberman's Communications Director):
Marion Steinfels, a Lieberman campaign spokeswoman, said the Lieberman workers had stayed within bounds.

"They went to Ned's rally in support of Joe Lieberman," she said. "My understanding was there was no inappropriate behavior."
I guess Marion was too busy counting her DC lobbyist money to have noticed the "sno-cone" remark made by one of her vicious little curs at the rally. (see previous article)
Earlier in the day, Lieberman said he had been unaware of an earlier incident in which a group of his supporters tried to drown out a speech by Lamont supporter Jesse Jackson.
Classy bunch of people you got there, Slimefels. I wouldn't be surprised if you've had to cover all the mirrors in your home, because you felt a little odd every time you saw Karl Rove's reflection staring back at you.
Steinfels said Lamont's supporters had been harassing Lieberman for months.

"Our events have been continually stalked by Lamont supporters. There's a lot of emotion out there," he said.
First of all Stupid, we're not harrassing your boy. We ask questions, we drive a stupid float around, and let the magic happen.

And we may be Lamont supporters, but we're NOT PAID BY THE LAMONT CAMPAIGN, and we don't receive our MARCHING ORDERS FROM ANYONE!

You can't comprehend the fact that we simply feel that Ned Lamont is the only man who can stop the damage that Lieberman is doing on a daily basis. We do this because we are passionate about the issues.

YOU, on the other hand, need to BRIBE these poor, uninformed kids with your DC LOBBYIST'S MONEY, and then YOU SEND THEM TO LAMONT EVENTS! I have video of your STAFFERS being loaded into LIEBERMAN VANS after the rally.

And you pretend not to know the difference.

Marion, either you're a baldfaced LIAR, or you're too STUPID to see it. Either way, you should stop paying these kids little drabs of money, and do some good in the world by putting the $10 million into a scholarship program for inner-city kids. THAT would be something to be proud of, not your lame and desperate attempts to disrupt Ned's events.

And we will be at EVERY event from now until the Primary, keeping your kids under video surveillence. We don't trust you to use good judgement as things get worse for your boy.

Smarten up, Marion.


Richard said...

I was one of the Lieberman kids there yesterday, and I was not paid a cent for my contributions to the campaign efforts.

"YOU, on the other hand, need to BRIBE these poor, uninformed kids with your DC LOBBYIST'S MONEY, and then YOU SEND THEM TO LAMONT EVENTS!"
This is just flat out wrong. I was not bribed and don't need to be bribed to help out on the campaign. I am very well-informed on the issues, and, yes, I do disagree with Joe on some issues (namely, Iraq), but that doesn't mean I can't volunteer at his office and support him. And I use the word volunteer and worker interchangeably because I am indeed doing work on this campaign, even if I am not getting paid for it.

TrueBlueCT said...

Richard (Goodstein)--
Do you think Joe Lieberman would be proud of your behavior the last two days?

Honestly, you and your posse of kids wouldn't allow Ned Lamont to have a few moments with the TV cameras for a short interview.

Why don't you take your classless act back to DC where it belongs?

I feel so bad for Connecticut staffers like Ken Dagliere, Chuck Swirsky, and Sean Smith. They are going to have to wear your embarassing actions for the next several years. For shame.

TrueBlueCT said...


Marion is a bald-faced liar.

Anonymous said...

Richard - throw up the Kool-Aid, and do it now. We're here to help. The Millionaire Lawyer has betrayed Connecticut and each and every American. We must all work together to hold him accountable for his lies and misdeeds.

CT Bob said...

Richard, I appreciate the fact that you weren't paid, and I do believe you.

But you DIDN'T address anything else I wrote in my post.

Lamont DOESN'T dispatch people (staffers, volunteers, whatever) to be pests at Lieberman events. He's running a very clean campaign.

Lamont DOESN'T send campaign vans to Lieberman events filled with out-of-state kids who for some implausable reason decided to up and support Joe Lieberman for free on a hot summer's afternoon. I call shenanigans on you.

Look, we can agree to disagree, but don't insult my intelligence. Don't be disingenuous.

RWA said...

I missed in the details of your article any proof that these, or any Lieberman supporters, are paid.

Please don't lower yourself to making statements you can't back up.

Melina said...

Well except for the fact that a couple of them SAID that they were paid.
Hey, I was there and these kids were brought in to harass the speakers and the crowd at this event.
I dont believe that Richard is one of the black kids in new T-shirts who dont even know what they are saying or what the impact of the "job" theyre doing is going to have on them as citizens in the long run. But probably he is one of the white leaders who is paying these kids to be rude, push people, and block people's views of the speakers.
I'll figure out which one you are Richard...and then maybe you can explain to me in person sometime, when youre doing whatever it is youre doing, why you think that the Iraq war is an issue that doesnt touch all other issues in its implementation and impact.
I have been blogging about this for a long time on RIPCoco and I blogged a first hand account, and then some, about what was really going on yesterday, and has been going on for a long time.
Be a pawn, Richard, but realize that the time that you and your kind can try to control other voters is over. Your only final option is the fixed voting machine...and Im not putting that past your organization considering who is running Joe these days.
What is Joe so afraid of and why is it so important to him to silence the Democratic process anyway?
This is what the voters of CT want...not some abberation. And if you cant be civil enough to let each person decide for themselves, then you are doing Joe a big disservice in the favor of his handlers and whoever else is advising this policy....its very, very bad....and it will ruin whatever legacy Joe might be able to salvage out of this thing.

Its over, Richard...go home!

Anonymous said...

maybe J LIEberman himself would like to comment on this.

Why doesn't a 18 year old incumbent with a supposedly good record NOT want to debate in PUBLIC with a neophyte and green newbie on issues that he is supposedly doing a great job on?

And then leave it to rabble and losers to spout nonsense in his name?

Anonymous said...

Lie berman IS PAID to GET IN THE WAY.

It will be like eating taffy with loose teeth to get him to quit! He owes his soul to the company bush.