Saturday, August 05, 2006

Turn off your computer right now!

...And get your ass to a Lamont Campaign Office right NOW!

Maura just called me from the Norwalk office and said there are open phones that need volunteers to help get out the vote. The other offices also can use your help.

What I imagine Joe's lobbyist-paid phone bank to look like

Joe Lieberman has TEN MILLION DOLLARS of Lobbyist's money to pay his people to man the phones and canvass neighborhoods. Ned Lamont is relying on YOU to show up and volunteer your time to help!

This is critical! If you assume that we'll win because the polls SAY we will, you're gonna end up with 6 MORE YEARS OF THE SAME THING!

Turn off your computer and call a Lamont office and volunteer a few hours today to get the word out about Ned. If you're in New York and want to help, drive up to the Norwalk office and join the effort. This is YOUR CHANCE to make a real difference in the future of our nation!
We need your help phone banking and canvassing down-the-stretch. If you want to phone bank, just show up to the closest field office in Connecticut. If you are willing to canvass, let the field office know you’ll be stopping by our indomitable staff will prepare concise maps for your use. (link)

1st CD (Hartford/West Hartford Offices): Tina Harrington – (860) 523 9238
2nd CD (New London/Willimantic Offices): Katie Martin – (860) 456 1316
3rd CD (New Haven Office): Eddie Vale – (203) 772 2405
4th CD (Norwalk Office): Ryan McLeod – (203) 979 6094
5th CD (Watertown Office): Rachel Koteen – (860) 274 4957


True Democrat said...

Was that a plea for out-of-staters to come work on the LaMont campaign?

Oh, the irony...

Sue123 said...

Look what's on TPM Cafe!


Regrettably, I am in California and cannot get to CT.

I've donated twice and can't afford to donate any more.

What else can I do?

CT Bob said...

"true democrat": yeah, we plea for VOLUNTEERS to work for Ned, not paid mercenaries. Big difference.

Money can buy Joe everything except respect. Go away.

Lizzy said...

Hey true (really wondering about that word in front of) democrat.

I worked at Lamont (correctly written) the whole day, and I did NOT get paid. I volunteered my time, my car and my gas.

Wise up buddy, have you ever read the great things that Lamont's ancestors have done?