Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rep. Maxine Waters supports Ned

Today was a great day for the campaign, and an awesome day for me, personally. I got to talk to two of my personal heroes, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and world-famous actor and social activist Danny Glover.

Here's a quick screen-cap of my interview with Danny Glover (which will be posted later), and below is my interview with Maxine Waters:

It was a real pleasure talking to Rep. Waters, and she's won my heart forever by referring to Ned Lamont as "...the poster boy for the REAL Democratic party..."


Todd Duren said...

Connecticut Bob! Keep Lieberman's feet to the fire on Iraq and all other REAL DEMOCRATIC ISSUES! The tidal wave of anti-war sentiment is going to sweep Congress in November. HAD ENOUGH?? VOTE DEMOCRAT. REAL DEMOCRAT THAT IS!!!

Lizzy said...

So Mr. Glover was the surprise guest. Glad that you got to meet him.

CT Bob said...

Yeah Lizzy, and he was amazing. The guy is a busy, working actor and a very involved social activist; and yet he still made time to campaign for our next Senator. Danny Glover is one of the true "good guys".

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