Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Exit Poll Results!

I just got back from the Westshore polling place in Milford, where I conducted about 40 minutes of exit polling.

I surveyed a total of 27 people. Out of that, 6 refused to answer both questions, and 5 refused to answer the Senatorial question.

Observations: The people who refused comment tended to be grumpy middle-aged white males. A female Republican said she'll vote for Lamont in November. The guy driving the Red Porsche was a Lamont fan. One lady with an accent voted for Lamont, and NO for governor. An unaffiliated voter was for Lamont in November. The Milford Democratic Town Committee voted roughly 3-1 in favor of Lieberman at the convention, so I knew this would be close here today.

Here's my results:

Lieberman - 10 votes
Lamont - 13 votes (including me, my wife, my dad, and the guy holding the "Lamont" sign outside)

These numbers indicate a dead heat, at least here in Milford.

For Governor, we have these numbers:

DeStefano - 10 votes
Malloy - 11 votes

Based on these results, I can safely predict that both races will be close.

(Yeah, I'm really going out on a limb there!)

More later this morning. I'm off to Hamden shortly, to do some more exit polling.


Go Lamont said...

Your exit poll is 100% more scientific than the Beltway pundit prognostications, that's for sure.

greynCT00 said...

Keep the information coming, Bob! We appreciate the updates. Go Ned!

Anonymous said...

Bob, I'm checking your site every hour for updates. Thanks from Denver.

Gray said...

Good job, Bob!
Hmm, what kind of voting machines do you have in Milford? Are the seals undamaged? Is someone observing if everything is run according to the rules? Don't want to raise panic, I'm just a bit concerned...

Anonymous said...

I love the reverse Aleto vote from the lady who obviously voted for Lieberman in the primary but said she would vote Lamont in November.

Lizzy said...

Grumpy middle aged white males...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

The whole state is using mechanical lever machines.

Cynical Nation said...

13-10 Lamont, huh? Cool. If Lieberman manages to eke out a win in spite of this early exit poll lead, we'll know that Diebold deliberately queered the election. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for all of your brilliant efforts on Lamont's behalf.

No matter what happens today, you have placed your stamp in the history books.

You have made our country a better place and my hat is off to you.