Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's the Big Day!

This is it. No more prep. August 8th is finally here.

6:30 - I just woke up, then turned on the TV. Channel 8 in New Haven was in the middle of a report from a voting place. They said that at least six voters were turned away because they weren't on the voter lists. Apparently they were previously unaffiliated voters and their change to the Democratic party wasn't processed properly.

My immediate impression is that this was a paperwork problem and not anything sinister, but I'll monitor the situation.

I'll be going to vote around 8:00AM, and then do some exit polling. I should have some results up around 9AM.

I don't think I need any coffee this morning.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they get provisional ballots?

Lizzy said...

Lever 3B, Bob!!

You have fought the good fight.

Michael Shuler said...

It's a watershed moment for state and national politics. Rock the boat, Joe's gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ned and all the Nedheads! I'm in Florida but support Ned and hope he wins. I'll be keeping an eye out here and the other CT blogs for updates. You've all done a tremendous job to get to this point. I hope you're as proud of yourselves as the rest of the progressive Dems are. :-)

Daytona Beach, FL