Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From the Lamont Blogger War Room

2:21pm local time from Kirby from FDL
Hello all from the Blogger War Room at Lamont Hotel HQ. The HQ office is across the street, and here in the hotel, we are across the hall from the press room and down the hall from the ballroom where the hotel says the “reception” will be this evening .

Spirits are high and staffers and volunteers are unfailingly polite and not at all decompensating despite the stress and the accusations flying in from the other side.

Jane’s here, along with CTKeith, a reporter from HuffPo, BBC, and laughter abounds.

Maura just called in and reports that in the home precinct of Dan Malloy, one of the gubernatorial candidates, in Stamford, turnout at 1:45p is 31%, and at the Rogers School in Stamford, where turnout is traditionally very low, it was at 18% and poll workers were delighted. Here in my home district in Meriden, 111 of 419 had voted as of 1:15pm, or 26%, which was amazing – they had already run out of “I voted today” stickers.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting, Bob. Democratic Underground is hungry for news so I've been posting your posts there along with your URL. I will continue to do so if you're okay with it.

Anonymous said...

We are in fairfield in a poll and fairfield is running at 26% turnout. Town hall thinks we'll hit 50%!!!

DANGER, small d said...

Tell the girls we say hi, Bob.

Thanks for your updates. I keep coming back to check for the latest.

How about an interview of Lieberfolk at their HQ. Might be interesting!

Carter said...

Bob, keep up the good work.