Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lieberman has a long history of supressing anti-war efforts

I recently came across some clippings from The Yale Daily News, circa 1965. Joseph I. Lieberman was a student at Yale at that time, and he actively took a stand against protesters using civil disobedience as a tool against the war in Vietnam.

From a YDN Letter to the Editor (dated October 21, 1965) by Joesph I. Lieberman:
I think I speak for members of the committee...when I say that our unhappiness with recent civil disobedience concerning America's position in Vietnam is not equivalent to supporting a prohibition of such disobedience by law. Our distaste is with the wisdom of being civilly disobedient at this time, not with the right to this disobedience.

At the same time, those who disobey must face censures from society as it has expressed its will through the law.
I guess he forgot that point recently when he refused to support the Feingold Resolution on censure, even though Lieberman admitted publicly that, in his opinion, Bush DID break the law.

Some people CAN disobey apparently, and others CAN'T...and guess who he thinks is qualified to make that judgement? Here's a hint: his initials are J.I.L.
And no one who consciously thwarts the military draft, for other than statutorily permissible reasons, should anticipate comfort or encouragement from the law. And compulsory military service is one of the few obligations we incur - along with a multitude of priceless benefits - in our American citizenship.
Joe: "Yeah, let's lock up all you draft dodgers, while I enjoy the freedom that a college deferment gets me. About 5 or 6 deferments, in fact. Don't worry boys, I'm busy enforcing your right to die in the jungles of Vietnam as American citizens!"

I myself have yet to be convinced of any practical value these raucous minority protests have had other than to elevate the morale of the Communist forces in Asia to fight on in the name of their totalitarian form of government.


There he goes again. Do you see any parallels with Joe's stance on protesting the war today? Anyone who complains about the way President Bush is handling the war in Iraq is helping the terrorists.

That argument didn't work then, and it sure as hell doesn't work now!

Here is a photocopy of the actual clipping; many thanks go to my extremely committed and resourceful "Anonymous Source!" Thank you!

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