Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nearly 7,000 CT voters switched from Indies to Dems

A report in today's USA Today shows a dramatic surge in unaffiliated voters becoming registered Democrats:
Tuesday, August 1, Hartford - With closely watched Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate and governor set for Aug. 8, thousands of unaffiliated voters are registering with political parties. Since May, 6,715 unaffiliated voters have become Democrats and 419 have registered as Republicans.
It'll be interesting to see if the exit polling shows how the voters that have changed from unaffiliated to Democrat end up voting.


Lizzy said...


I am going to play the positive card here and say that these unaffiliated voters chose to register Democratic so that they can vote for Lamont.

They also switched because of the *new* party that Lieberman will be running on in November.

Matt said...

A lot of people don't register as Democrats because they feel the party doesn't stand for anything. That's one trend that, in CT at least, Lamont could be turning around.

CT Bob said...

I tend to agree with the both of you.

The fact that so many voters have become Dems over Repubs show that the two hotly contested primaries (and yes, it's easy to overlook the gubenatorial contest with all this excitement) people WANT to have a choice.

I'm planning on doing some informal exit polling here in Milford on the morning of the primary. I'm going to ask 1) who did you vote for Senate, 2) who did you vote for governor, and 3) how long have you been a Democrat; if it's less than six months, I'll follow up with if they are a new voter or have switched parties, and if so, from which party did they come.

I hope to get a couple of hundred voters to answer me, and I'll blog the results immediately.

It should be fun!