Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My plans for Primary Day

Since a lot of people have been asking where Connecticut Bob will be on Primary Day, here's what he'll be up to.

(...and if I ever refer to myself in the third-person again, feel free to tweak my nose with wild abandon)

I'm taking the day off from work. I'll be up around 6AM, to make a pot of coffee, scan the blogs, probably answer a few emails and put up a "CT Bob" article here. Then around 8AM, my wife and I will go and pick up my dad and drive over to the polling place. Joyce has to work, so she'll vote and go. I'm planning on shooting a little video, talking to some of the voters and volunteers, and then my dad and I will do some exit polling.

I'm going to ask 1) who did you vote for Senate? 2) who did you vote for governor? and 3) how long have you been a Democrat? If it's less than six months, I'll follow up with if they are a new voter or have switched parties, and if so, from which party did they come. I hope to get a bunch of voters to answer me, and I'll go home and post the results by 10AM.

Then I'll touch base with the other local bloggers and see if anything major is happening. If nothing earth-shaking occurs, I'll make my way up to the Meriden Lamont HQ around noon, and hook up with Kirby (the FDL commenter) and her husband. Kirby helpfully volunteered to help me on Primary Day, and she's planning on bringing a wireless notebook with her to live blog on "Connecticut Bob", while her husband has agreed to act as chauffer in their air-conditioned PT Cruiser (hey, YOU try driving around in a 19-year-old Dodge with a broken air conditioner in this heat and see how fast you'll accept an offer of air-conditioned luxury!)

Then we'll basically interview whatever staff may be about, but chances are they'll be too busy to talk for long. We'll try to get video of the candidates during the course of the day; Ned Lamont for sure, but maybe not Joe Lieberman if he sticks with his current policy of non-announced campaign stops.

(But don't worry; you'd be surprised how many people like to help us with that information)

As the day turns into evening, we'll continue live blogging anywhere we can get a good wifi signal. I expect we'll have hourly updates at the very least; we'll have a map of all the local wifi spots where we can duck in off the road and post a quick update. There's a possibility I'll be able to do some video blogging, but the amount of hardware I'll need to lug around and the availability of a workspace may conspire to thwart that plan. I promise I'll try to work something out.

After the polls close, we'll be wherever the action is, probably at Lamont HQ or whatever place they decide to use for their victory celebration. Hopefully, the party will go on until the wee hours of the morning.

So that's the plan. I'll keep you updated on what "Connecticut Bob" has planned, because he really wants- (ker-TWEAK!!!)

"Yow! My dose!"


Ben said...

Hi Bob...

I just posted my thoughts on Lieberman's most recent campaign stop in Dayville. I thought you might be interested:


Ben from Pomfret

CT Bob said...

I like it. I'm gonna post a link to your article right away.

liv said...

Thank you CTBOB for sparing us the details of your personal hygiene and diet on primary day. (I know I plan to get a pedicure and some cheesy-gravy fries...sorry.see how easy it is to slip up?)
But what? No bloggers ball? Don't we all gather on the Guilford green or the Gold Rock Diner for some post-election partying.