Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lieberman's failure with FEMA

In the aftermath of what was the worst disaster in American history, many people wondered why we were so ill-prepared for a storm like Katrina. When I think that our government had FOUR YEARS after 9/11 to build an agency which could respond quickly and decisively to any kind of natural or manmade disaster, and then I see the aftermath of the political peerage, corruption, and (face it) the hubris of the establishment in the Katrina disaster, it makes my blood boil.

Senator Lieberman's obvious ponying up to the President, and his lack of critical questioning of a proposed candidate for what is arguably the most important security position in the nation would be considered dereliction of duty if the Senate were run like the military. A court martial would be justified in response to Joe Lieberman's neglect and indifference.

But for some reason, politicians are rarely held accountable. Until now.

From an article published on Sept. 8, 2005, by Juliette Kayyem at TPM Cafe:
It appears, then, that Mike Brown suffered 42 breathtaking minutes of serious nothingness (unless Lieberman's withering questioning regarding whether Brown would sufficiently keep the Senate informed --- duh,yes) to become Deputy Director of FEMA. When FEMA was, just a few months later, subsumed into DHS, Brown didn't need to be Senate confirmed as his new position -- technically as Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response -- was "germane" to his old position. Guess that's true. But it means that the four Senators who showed up to confirm a deputy director were, in fact, confirming the head of America's entire emergency management apparatus.

Worse, still, besides Brown's obvious lack of qualifications, is the obvious lack of any serious questions about previous disasters, what would he do in a future disaster, his thoughts -- if he had any -- on what should be done.


Mike Brown didn't appear from Mars. He was appointed by the President (shame on him) and confirmed by Congress (shame on them.) And 42 minutes later, Brown was in charge.
And then this press release by Senator Lieberman immediately after Brown "resigned", on Sept. 12, 2005:
“I thank Michael Brown for recognizing now that FEMA needs new leadership. But Brown’s resignation does not alter the need for a thorough investigation on the larger issues of assessing what went wrong and committing ourselves to improving our capabilities for the future, which Senator Collins and I and our committee are now undertaking.”
Senator Lieberman, I think that you can easily find the responsible party...

Just look into a mirror.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I see that you actually pay attention to these hypocrites in action. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Bob. I'm with you 100% on this.

AlsoBobFromCT said...

FEMA was a class act under Clinton. Now we have gross incompetence, cronyism, and wastage of taxpayer money, and all this occurred right under Lieberman's nose?