Sunday, August 06, 2006

More classic videos

I think I may have said several days ago that I'd post a "classic video" from my collection every day until the Primary.

Well, things can get busy, and bloggers can forget to post stuff.

Which is what happened. So, to make it up to you, here's three videos that I especially like from the last few months:

NOW endorsement teaser - Ned talks about the "rape maps":

Ned challenges Lieberman to a debate - finally, a few days after this video, Joe agreed to a debate. When I interviewed Lamont a week later and asked him if he thought our (CT Blogger's and my) video might have caused Joe to agree to it, Ned looked at me and said, "In all honesty!". You gotta admire that kind of frankness:

Ned at the Greek Fest - 4,000 years of Greek culture compressed into 106 seconds:


harriet said...

Bob, love the viedos and the last one should win a "campaign award"!!! How do you say "priceless" in greek!

harriet said...

oops, forgive the typo!! videos

CT Bob said...

Thanks harriet! Don't worry about the typos; I've been known to make one or tow myself. ;)