Sunday, August 06, 2006

More "classics"

Back in late April, Spazeboy and I walked around the Cherry Blosson festival in New Haven, asking people about Lieberman's support of the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, which give Big Oil huge tax breaks while they are making RECORD profits.

When I look at this video, I realize how far we've both come in the last 4 months! Seems like years ago; we've been aging in dog-years, lately!

Markos & Jerome were in Connecticut immediately after the state Democratic convention for a "Crashing The Gate" book signing, and offered a few words of encouragement for the Lamont campaign. It was only 48 hours since we had that remarkable showing at the convention, and besides being thrilled and happy, we also began believing that we could DO this!

And sure enough, here we are tonight, only 48 hours from realizing our dream of crashing that gate, and helping Ned pull off the biggest political upset of all time.

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